1. Drinking water
  2. Environmental Protection
  3. Support community on basic needs [2019]
  4. INSPIRED [Initiative for Sustained Peaceful Interethnic Relations through Economic Development.] - The Asia Foundation
  5. Strengthening teacher development and school management systems in child centred pedagogy and participatory school planning process in the Eastern Province - UNICEF
  6. Human Development Through Quality Education And Strengthening C.F.A. - UNICEF
  7. Community Empowerment for Sustainable WASH Practices - UNICEF
  8. Community Policing - The Asia Foundation
  9. Enhance the sanitation facility of the vulnerable people in the selected flood affected in Ampara District - UNICEF
  10. Mobilization of student for water Sanitation and good hygienic Practices - UNICEF
  11. Enhancement of water sanitation Facilities and hygiene practices - UNICEF
  12. Coastal Resource Survey - NECCDEP
  13. Non interest Micro Credit Programme to support Poverty Alleviation - GAFSO
  14. Gender Equality and Peace Building - CIDA
  15. Village Rehabilitation Project at Thannangramam funded by NECORD
  16. Effecting repairs to Hand Pumps of tube wells and training care taker families on repairs to hand pump - UNICEF
  17. MWRAF/Lutheran World Relief Project 2007/2008
  18. Revitalization of Markets at Units 4 and 9 in Central Camp & Community Integration - USAID
  19. Village Development and Livelihood Project at Bodagolla - NECORD
  20. Distribution of high yielding cows for improving livelihood to farmers in Lahugala - UNDP
  21. Income Generation Through Cattle Breeding - SOLIDAR
  22. Rehabilitation of a damaged library and a multipurpose centre - SOLIDAR
  23. Rehabilitation of Damaged Multi Purpose Building at Addappallam, Nintavur - SOLIDAR
  24. Construction of 3 toilets for the IDPP recently displaced from Vakarai - UNICEF
  25. Disseminating principles principles of water sanitation and hygiene to the members of the public through the members of the Samurthi Task Force - UNICEF
  26. Social mobilization for the dissemination of principles of water sanitation and good hygiene practices - UNICEF
  27. Formation of Student Brigades to learn water sanitation and hygiene through the process of learning by doing - UNICEF
  28. Prevention of HIV/AIDS - UNICEF
  29. Project for Linking School Communities through sports - GOAL/USAID
  30. Japan Fund for Poverty Reduction (JFPR) - Public Restoration works and Rehabilitation of Line Drainage System of Tsunami Affected Local Government Roads and cash for work - ADB
  31. Tsunami Retrospective - USAID/OTI
  32. Intermediary Organization "Strong Places" - UNDP
  33. Village Development Programme - NECCDEP
  34. Generating a Positive Outlook for G.C.E (O/Level) Students - USAID/OTI
  35. Livelihood assistance to Tsunami affected families - Donors
  36. Construction of 100 temporary shelter - Relief International
  37. Distribution of food and Non Food items to Tsunami victims - Islamic Relief, UNICEF
  38. Painting for Peace - USAID/OTI
  39. Goat Farming for Self Employment - FAO
  40. Village Rehabilitation Programme - Central Camp - NECORD
  41. Water and Sanitation Programme - UNICEF
  42. Peace through Sports - USAID
  43. Promotion of Farmers Pensions Scheme - Thrift and Credit Society
  44. English Training Programme - UNICEF
  45. Drinking Water Facilities for School - UNICEF
  46. Infrastructure Development - Temporary Shed - UNICEF
  47. Assistance Under Privileged Students and Awareness Programme to Parents - UNICEF.