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01. Name of Project Intermediary Organization
02. District Operation Ampara
03. Divisional Secretariat Divisions -
04. Village -
05. Implementing Partner GAFSO (Group Action for Social Order.)
06. Funded by UNDP.
07. Period/Date Commenced/Completed Commencement Completion
- -
08. Number of beneficiaries 30 – 40 CBO’s
09. Number of Officers engaged -
10. Objectives

UNDP is developing a programme aimed at supporting the empowerment and capacity development of local CBO’s, women and communities to participate in reconstruction. By investing in grassroots capacities, UNDP will enable affected communities to address both their immediate and longer-term needs and social/economic vulnerabilities, thus building community resilience that would safeguard them against future disasters as well.

The programme will support capacity development that includes the enhancing of management skills, provision of administrative support, infrastructure such as information resource centres and support to build community leadership and outreach. The objective is to empower CBO’s to move from an ad hoc sub-contractual relationship with development partners to a genuine partnership.

Facilitate the distribution of the selection criteria if requested by DAC.

Disburse the fund in installments to the beneficiary organizations selected by the District Advisory Committee.

Enter in to a Memorandum of Agreement with the beneficiary organization selected by the DAC as advised by the PMU AND DAC.

Monitor financial progress of selected beneficiary organizations in partner ship with PMU/DAC and provide reports as requested by PMU and DAC.

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