Help The Poor Children To Receive Good Education

Education is the greatest wealth that one could possess. It is good education that distinguishes man from animals and endows him with divine qualities. That is why education is held in esteem by every community in the world.

Lucky are those children who had the opportunity to get a sound education. But we know that many children are not that lucky. Poverty that reigns in their families prevent them form receiving a good education.

Our forefathers have responded positively to help such poor children. A large number of schools that are existing in our villages was not built by the government but by philanthropists who cared for the education of poor children in their midst.

Shouldn’t we follow the example set by our forefathers? We are sure you have the mind to emulate our forefathers but you are unable or too busy to identify the needs of the poor children.

Here GAFSO comes to your aid. GAFSO is a longstanding non profit making NGO working in all parts of Ampara district. Through its field officers it has identified many children who are in want of many paraphernalia to follow their studies unhindered.

Some of the shortcomings identified are: lack supplementary books, lack of satchels, lack of shoes, lack of stationery required and a host of others.

In order to help these students get rid of the dejection they suffer due to their inability to match up with their peers in the matter of wearing shoes, possessing past question papers, decent school bags etc. GAFSO appeals to the kind hearted gentlemen make contribution by purchasing tickets valued at Rs.100/- which will be sold through the volunteers of GAFSO. Anyone can purchase any number of tickets to suit their purse.

There will be complete transparency and accountability in the transactions. If anyone wants to know how the money collected is spent they can visit or call over at the office of GAFSO at Green Lane, Sammanthurai. As far as possible the Photographs and reports of presentations made to students will be published in the websites.

The only good deed that follows a person even after his death is the help he had rendered for the education of young children. Please come forward and help.

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Rathinam College

Rathinam College

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GAFSO is a Sri Lankan organization operating from Sammanthurai and Colombo involved with Rathinam College Coimbatore India as Representative for the Island.

Student who wish to Study in Rathinam College India contact GAFSO - Kamil on +94773052414 email -

Rathinam group has transformed itself to play a larger role by pioneering education, Information Technology (IT) development and infrastructure development (IT Park / Housing Development) in South Coimbatore. The single sprawling 70 acres campus, Rathinam Techzone, developed by the group is located on NH-209 with in Coimbatore city limits.

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